Construction Association of New Brunswick          

Saint John Region                                                           

... proudly representing over 170 member companies across Southwestern New Brunswick.       



Fostering industry growth and development by providing key industry information and networking opportunities, training to industry standards, active community involvement and government advocacy as one strong, united voice.



To grow our membership in size and engagement, with enhanced constructive collaboration so to improve the level of professionalism, ethical culture and safety.




Safety Culture

CANB-SJ encourages its members to view and prioritize safety as a core value.  We believe that safety should not be restricted to the work place, it should be a mindset reflected in the attitudes, beliefs, perceptions and values in every aspect of life.




Environmental Stand

CANB-SJ believes that the environment is an important consideration for the construction industry in southwestern New Brunswick.  We encourage our members to continue to operate with sustainable practices in mind






Corporate Culture

CANB-SJ's culture is open and accessible.  We provide a transparency to our members to allow for honest communication and trust.  The culture of our membership is that of teamwork and cooperation, working together for the common good and sustainable growth of the local construction industry. 



Social Beliefs

CANB-SJ represents the interests of its members and the construction sector, believing that the industry should be a positive force in the community and continue to operate in a responsible, honorable and trustworthy manner.





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